Create Your Vision Board Roadmap

This Is Your Life. The Path You Take Is Yours To Choose.

Begin your journey by creating your Vision Board Roadmap. 

Our tool guides you through a series of questions where the answers are used to develop 

a one-page quick reference to help guide your daily actions toward the life you desire.

Your completed Vision Board Roadmap identifies...

• How You Spend Your Time 

• The Lifestyle You Want

• Your Strengths

• Your Values

• What Matters Most

• Funding Your Lifestyle

• Gratitude

• Personal Vision Statement

Please note: it takes about an hour to complete 

(longer if you really want to think about your answers - you can always leave the tool and come back to complete a question later)


Investment: $29.95 + 1 hour of your time

Time Of Your Life Self-Audit

We've all heard the saying, "there simply aren't enough hours in the day", followed by a sentiment like this: "we all have the same amount of time as Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin and ... (insert your favorite inspiring person). We've all felt a little stretched with our time at one point or another, but the reality is that we have a choice in how we spend our time. Sure, we must budget time to eat, sleep and earn the money that affords our lifestyle, but what about the rest of our time? 

Assess how you currently spend your time + how you want to spend your time with this simple tool.

Some people find this helpful to complete before diving into the Vision Board Roadmap Creator.


Investment: Free (download now)